My morning prayer



Service: The Prayer of Saint Francis

Cosmic Placement

Memory Palaces


  • Thoughts, emotions, impulses and performance all require willpower; remember that food is the source and to eat regularly throughout the day
  • Remember to not have too many goals but to mix long- and short-term
  • Remember the Zeigarnik effect: there is power to having an achievable list of objectives and to want to complete things
  • Remember to write everything down (GTD) to minimize mental load
  • Remember that at night you will be cognitively drained (no willpower) — try to make large decisions in the mornings
  • Remember to continuously make willpower decision daily — it’s a marathon, not a sprint (Trollope)
  • Remember to sit up straight as this reinforces willpower (David Blaine)
  • Remember God, your family, your friends and how lucky you are to have them in your life
  • “Self-discipline and self-respect” as mottos
  • Remember to be organized as this strengthens and extends willpower (KonMari is the tool)
  • Have them clearly laid out
  • “Warehouse”
  • Monitor
  • Use stories
  • Use peer pressure
  • Beware of hyperbolic discounting
  • Establish bright-line rules

Creativity: How to Fly a Horse

The Major System

Pranayama & Mantra





San Francisco | @gasca on Twitter

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David Gasca

David Gasca

San Francisco | @gasca on Twitter